People: Cheng-Hsun Wu

Graduate Student


Cheng-Hsun Wu received his master’s degree in high energy experiment
from the National Taiwan University in 2006. He was a member of KEKB
Collider in Japan studying Baryonic B decay physics. After finishing
his master’s degree, he joined Prof. Martin Zwierlein’s group at MIT.
His research focuses on studying strongly interacting quantum gases
close to absolute zero temperature. He has successfully cooled four
different species of atoms (6Li, 23Na, 40K, 41K) to quantum degeneracy
and explored their interspecies Feshbach resonances. Recently, he and
his team have created ultracold Feshbach molecules of 23Na40K, the first
fermionic molecule that is chemically stable in its absolute ground
state. This molecule will open the door to a new exotic matter, a
strongly dipolar Fermi gas with dominating long-range anisotropic