People: Christie Chiu

Graduate Student
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Thu May 2, 2019

String patterns in the doped Hubbard model

Understanding strongly correlated quantum many-body states is one of the most thought-provoking challenges in modern research. For example, the Hubbard model, describing strongly correlated electrons in solids, still contains fundamental open questions on its phase diagram. In this work we realize the Hubbard Hamiltonian and search for specific patterns within many individual images of realizations...
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Thu June 14, 2018

Quantum state engineering of a Hubbard system with ultracold fermions

Accessing new regimes in quantum simulation requires the development of new techniques for quantum state preparation. We demonstrate the quantum state engineering of a strongly correlated many-body state of the two-component repulsive Fermi-Hubbard model on a square lattice. Our scheme makes use of an ultralow entropy doublon band insulator created through entropy redistribution. After isolating...
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