People: Colin Kennedy

Graduate Student
  1. J.Hond, J. Xiang, W. Chung, E. Cruz Colon, W. Chen, W. Burton, C. Kennedy, W. Ketterle, Preparation of the spin-Mott state: A spinful Mott insulator of repulsively bound pairs. PhysRevLett, 128(093401), February 2022.
  2. C. Kennedy Creating Novel Quantum States of Ultracold Bosons in Optical Lattices. MIT, June 2017.
  3. W. Burton, C. Kennedy, W. Chung, W. Chen, W. Ketterle, and S. Vadia. Coherence Times of Bose-Einstein Condensates beyond the Shot-Noise Limit via Superfluid Shielding. Phys. Rev. Lett., 116(275301), December 2016.