People: Jennifer Schloss

Graduate Student
  1. J. Schloss, N. Bar-Gill, S. Yelin, E. Bauch, S. Singh, J. Lee, C. A. Hart, M. J. Turner, J. F. Barry, L. Pham, and R. Walsworth. Decoherence of dipolar spin ensembles in diamond. ArXiv April 2019.
  2. J. Schloss, M. Lukin, H. Park, J. F. Barry, M. J. Turner, D. R. Glenn, Y. Song, and R. L. Walsworth . Optical magnetic detection of single-neuron action potentials using quantum defects in diamond. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA , 113:14133-14138, December 2016.