People: Nir Bar-Gill

Postdoctoral Fellow
  1. J. Schloss, N. Bar-Gill, S. Yelin, E. Bauch, S. Singh, J. Lee, C. A. Hart, M. J. Turner, J. F. Barry, L. Pham, and R. Walsworth. Decoherence of dipolar spin ensembles in diamond. ArXiv April 2019.
  2. I. Lovchinsky, N. Bar-Gill, H. Park, S.J. DeVience, L.M. Pham, C. Belthangady, F. Casola, Huiliang Zhang, Madeleine Corbt, and R.L. Walsworth. Nanoscale NMR spectroscopy and imaging of multiple nuclear species. Nature Nanotechnology, 1748:3387, 2015.