People: Peter Rabl

Postdoctoral Fellow


I have studied and graduated at the University of Innsbruck and I am now a post-doc at ITAMP.
My research is focused on implementations of ideas from quantum information science
in various physical systems, both in the field of atomic, molecular and optical (AMO)
physics as well as the field of solid state physics. Systems I am interested in include
rapped ions, polar molecules, cold atoms in optical lattices, atomic ensembles,
superconducting charge / flux qubits and most recently nano-mechanical resonators
coupled to NV-centers. Apart from the design and control of interactions for
quantum gates I am especially interested in the analysis of decoherence sources as well
as cooling, state preparation and measurement techniques as necessary prerequisites for
quantum information processing. A main direction of my research is the investigation of
coherent interactions in hybrid quantum systems, e.g. AMO qubits coupled to solid state
qubits, and to study how such interactions can be exploited for hybrid quantum information
processing or new cooling and measurement schemes.

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