People: Peyman Ahmadi

Postdoctoral Fellow


Since the beginning of my Physics research career, I have had a variety of research interests in ultra cold atomic physics area. These include:

• Determination of the properties of mixtures of ultra-cold
bosonic and fermionic atomic gases
as a model system for 3He – 4He mixture.
• Investigating quantum chaotic dynamics observed in an
atom-optical system, in particular the
novel phenomenon of quantum accelerator modes.
• All-optical realization of Bose-Einstein condensate and spinor dynamics.

I am presently particularly interested in the effect of mass imbalance on physics of cooper pairs. My coworkers and I are involved on constructing an experimental apparatus for cooling fermionic 6Li and 40K atoms to quantum degeneracy. The use of Feshbach resonances, controlled using magnetic fields, allows us to tune atom-atom interactions and produce
atom-molecule oscillations. Observing Bloch oscillations in optical lattice; and the superfluid-Mott insulator phase transition by
the tuning the lattice potential depth are examples of the exciting experiments one can perform using this system.