People: Tamara Dordevic

Graduate Student
  1. T. Dordevic A nanophotonic quantum interface for atoms in optical tweezers. Harvard University, 2022.
  2. T. Dordevic, P. Samutpraphoot, P. Ocola, H. Bernien, B. Grinkemeyer, I. Dimitrova, V. Vuletic, M. Lukin, Entanglement transport and a nanophotonic interface for atoms in optical tweezers. Science, 373(6562):1511-1514, August 2021.
  3. P. Samutpraphoot, T. Dordevic, P. Ocola, H. Bernien, C. Senko, V. Vuletic, M. Lukin, Strong coupling of two individually controlled atoms via a nanophotonic cavity. Physical Review Letters, 124(063602), February 2020.