People: Xing Liao

Postdoctoral Fellow
  1. R. Gelly, X. Liao, G. Scuri, H. Park, D. Renaud, B. Pingault, S. Bogdanovic, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, B. Urbaszek, and M. Loncar. Probing dark exciton navigation through a local strain landscape in a WSe2 monolayer. Nature Communications, 13(232), 2022.
  2. R. Landig, J. Choi, H. Zhou, X. Liao, M. Lukin, H. Park, M. S. Chan, and P. K. Lo. Stepwise ligand-induced self-assembly for facile fabrication of nanodiamond-gold nanoparticle dimers via non-covalent biotin-streptavidin interactions. Nano Lett, 19, February 2019.