People: Xing Wu

Postdoctoral Fellow
  1. X. Wu, J. Doyle, Z. Han, J. Chow, D.G. Ang, C. Meisenhelder, C. Panda, E.P. West, G. Gabrielse, and D. DeMille. The metastable Q 3Δ2 state of ThO: A new resource for the ACME electron EDM search. New Journal of Physics, 22(023013), February 2020.
Past Events
Tue November 17, 2020 4:00 pm
Xing Wu, Harvard
Abstract:  Measurements of the electron electric dipole moment (EDM) using atoms and molecules set the most stringent constraints on T-symmetry violating new physics beyond the Standard Model. The best upper limit on the electron EDM was recently set by the ACME collaboration: |de|<1.1×10-29 e·cm [1], using a cold beam of thorium monoxide (ThO) molecules. This represents an order of magnitude improvement compared to the...
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