People: Zack Lasner

Postdoctoral Fellow
  1. B.L. Augenbraun, Z. Lasner, J. Doyle, E.T. Mengesha, A.T. Le, T.C. Steimle, L. Cheng, and C. Zhang. Branching ratios, radiative lifetimes and transition dipole moments for YbOH. ArXiv February 2020.
  2. B.L. Augenbraun, Z. Lasner, A. Frenett, H. Sawaoka, J. Doyle, C. Miller, and T.C. Steimle. Laser-Cooled Polyatomic Molecules for Improved Electron Electric Dipole Moment Searches. New Journal of Physics, 22(022003), February 2020.
Fri April 9, 2021

Doyle group paper wins Lila Albin Award

The American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) and the Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Committee, have awarded the Lila Albin Award for the Best Indoor Environmental Quality Paper for 2020 to the Doyle group. The paper is entitled: Assessment and Mitigation of Aerosol Airborne SARS-CoV-2 Transmission in Laboratory and Office Environments.
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Thu February 22, 2018

Triatomic Molecules

In the simplest molecues, diatomic molecules made form two atoms, the vibration and rotation degrees of freedom gives rise to new features such as strong long-range dipolar interactions between molecules, a key ingredient in many quantum simulation and quantum computing proposals. Polyatomic molecules are an exciting new research frontier, as these molecules offer an even...
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