Center for Wireless Networking
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What is the Center for Wireless Networking?


MIT's Center for Wireless Networking brings together and fosters interaction among an extraordinarily diverse collection of faculty, staff, and students on campus with interests and expertise in one or more aspects of wireless technology. Its members, who are affiliated with many different laboratories, departments, and schools at MIT, are engaged in research of unparalleled richness and breadth. Collectively they are focussed on developing the radical algorithms, protocols, architectures, devices, circuits, and systems that will enable seamless, transparent, robust, ubiquitous, secure mobile connectivity and exciting new generations of applications.

The Center for Wireless Networking was created through a seed grant from the MIT/HP Alliance. It encompasses projects supported by a wide range of sponsors.

Project Spotlight: HP Wireless Invent @ MIT
Link: HP InventThis project is an ambitious, highly interdisciplinary effort whose charter is to fundamentally re-think the way that wireless networks and mobile appliances are designed and implemented. It brings together for the first time faculty, staff, and students from the four main EECS-affiliated laboratories with wireless activities on campus to work in close collaboration with their counterparts at HP Laboratories.

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   1/29/04-1/30/04 | 9th Annual Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems (LIDS) Student Conference, Grier Room (34-401)
   1/27/04 - Microsystems Technologies Laboratories (MTL) Annual Student Review, MIT Endicott House
   10.14.03 - HP Wireless Networking Seminar: "Single User Broadcasting in a MIMO Channel", Prof. Shlomo Shamai, Technion, Israel, 3-4pm, 35-225 >> More Info
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