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HP Wireless Networking Seminar: "Single User Broadcasting in a MIMO Channel", Prof. Shlomo Shamai, Technion, Israel, 3-4pm, 35-225

A broadcast transmission strategy for the slowly fading Gaussian multiple input multiple output (MIMO) channel is introduced, extending the (Shamai, ISIT'97), approach for the single input single output (SISO) channel. Perfect channel state information (CSI) is assumed available at the receiver end only. This strategy facilitates to adapt the reliably decoded rate to the actual channel state without having any feedback link to the transmitter. Transmission of layered coded information is motivated by the theory of majorization. Basic equations characterizing achievable rates of the this strategy are shown and some ad-hoc approximation are also considered in a comparative fashion. It is demonstrated that a single layer outage approach is reasonably efficient in the MIMO setting in terms of the average reliably decoded rate. Another useful approach is based on a multiple-access based strategy, where separate streams are transmitted via the different antennas.

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