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Doctoral Degrees in DSPG

Ronald W. Schafer, Nonlinear Filtering of Convolved Signals (PhD 1968)

Joseph Siegel, Analytical Equiripple Nonrecursive Approximations to Ideal Low-Pass Digital Filters (PhD 1972)

Russell M. Mersereau, Digital Reconstruction of Multidimensional Signals from their Projections (ScD 1973)

Ronald Crochiere, Digital Network Theory and its Applications to the Analysis and Design of Digital Filters (PhD 1974)

Dan E. Dudgeon, Two-Dimensional Recursive Filtering (ScD 1974)

Jose M. Tribolet, Seismic Applications of Homomorphic Signal Processing (ScD 1977)

David Chan, Theory and Implementation of Multidimensional Discrete Systems for Signal Processing (PhD 1978)

Michael R. Portnoff, Time-Scale Modification of Speech Based on Short-Time Fourier Analysis (ScD 1978)

Jae S. Lim, Enhancement and Bandwidth Compression of Noisy Speech by Estimation of Speech and its Model Parameters (ScD 1978)

Thomas L. Marzetta, A Linear Prediction Approach to Two-Dimensional Spectral Factorization and Spectral Estimation (PhD 1978)

David B. Harris, Design and Implementation of Rational 2-D Digital Filters (PhD 1979)

Thomas F. Quatieri, Jr., Phase Estimation with Application to Speech Analysis-Synthesis (ScD 1979)

Monson H. Hayes, III, Signal Reconstruction from Phase or Magnitude (ScD 1981)

Stephen Lang, Spectral Estimation for Sensor Arrays (PhD 1981)

Naveed A. Malik, One and Two Dimensional Maximum Entropy Spectral Estimation (ScD 1981)

Bruce R. Musicus, Iterative Algorithms for Optimal Signal Reconstruction and Parameter Identification Given Noisy and Incomplete Data (PhD 1982)

Hamid Nawab, Signal Estimation from Short-Time Spectral Magnitude (PhD 1982)

Andrew L. Kurkjian, The Estimation of the Cylindrical Wave Reflection Coefficient (PhD 1982)

Gregory Duckworth, Processing and Inversion of Arctic Ocean Refraction Data (ScD 1983)

Douglas R. Mook, The Numerical Synthesis and Inversion of Acoustic Fields Using the Hankel Transform with Application to the Estimation of the Plane Wave Reflection Coefficient of the Ocean Bottom (ScD 1983)

Farid U. Dowla, Bearing Estimation of Wideband Signals by Multidimensional Spectral Analysis (PhD 1984)

Thomas Bordley, Improved Paraxial Methods for Modeling Underwater Acoustic Propagation (ScD 1985)

Susan R. Curtis, Reconstruction of Multidimensional Signals from Zero Crossings (PhD 1985)

David Izraelevitz, Reconstruction of Two-Dimensional Signals from the Fourier Transform Magnitude (ScD 1986)

Dennis Martinez, Model-Based Motion Estimation and its Application to Restoration and Interpolation of Motion Pictures (PhD 1986)

Evangelos E. Milios, Signal Processing and Interpretation using Multilevel Signal Abstractions (SM, PhD 1986)

Michael S. Wengrovitz, The Hilbert-Hankel Transform and its Application to Shallow Water Ocean Acoustics (ScD 1986)

Webster P. Dove, Knowledge-Based Pitch Detection (SM, PhD 1986)

Cory S. Myers, Signal Representation for Symbolic and Numeric Processing (PhD 1986)

Patrick L. Van Hove, Silhouette-Slice Theorems (PhD 1986)

Thrasyvoulos N. Pappas, Estimation of Coronary Artery Dimensions from Angiograms (PhD 1987)

Daniel W. Griffin, Multi-Band Excitation Vocoder (PhD 1987)

Meir Feder, Statistical Signal Processing Using a Class of Iterative Estimation Algorithms (ScD 1987)

Avideh Zakhor, Reconstruction of Multidimensional Signals from Multiple Level Threshold Crossings (SM, PhD 1987)

Michele Mae Covell, An Algorithm Design Environment for Signal Processing (PhD 1989)

Tae H. Joo, Detection Statistics for Multichannel Data (PhD 1989)

Daniel T. Cobra, Estimation and Correction of Geometric Distortions in Side-Scan Sonar Images (PhD 1990)

Gregory W. Wornell, Synthesis, Analysis, and Processing of Fractal Signals (PhD 1991)

Paul Beckmann, Fault-Tolerant Computation Using Algebraic Homomorphisms (PhD 1992)

James C. Preisig, Adaptive Matched Field Processing in an Uncertain Propagation Environment (PhD 1992)

Kambiz C. Zangi, Active Noise Cancellation (PhD 1994)

Michael D. Richard, State and Parameter Estimation with Chaotic Systems (PhD 1994)

Jacek Jachner, High-Resolution Direction Finding for Multi-Dimensional Scenarios (PhD 1994)

Keven M. Cuomo, Applications of Synchronization in Chaotic Systems (PhD 1994)

Steven H. Isabelle, A Signal Processing Framework for the Analysis and Application of Chaotic Systems (PhD 1995)

Andrew C. Singer, Signal Processing and Communication with Solitons (SM, PhD 1996)

John R. Buck, Single Mode Excitation in the Shallow Water Acoustic Channel Using Feedback Control (SM, PhD 1996)

Warren M. Lam, Multiscale Methods for the Analysis and Application of Fractal Point Processes and Queues (SM, PhD 1997)

Jeffrey T. Ludwig, Low Power Digital Filtering Using Adaptive Approximate Processing (PhD 1998)

James M. Ooi, A Framework for Low-Complexity Communication Over Channels with Feedback (PhD 1998)

Haralabos C. Papadopoulos, Efficient Digital Encoding and Estimation of Noisy Signals (with Application to Wireless Sensor Networks) (SM, PhD 1998)

Shawn M. Verbout, A Framework for Non-Gaussian Signal Modeling and Estimation (SM, PhD 1999)

Christoforos N. Hadjicostis, Coding Approaches to Fault Tolerance in Dynamic Systems (M.Eng., PhD 1999)

Kathleen E. Wage, Broadband Modal Coherence and Beamforming at Megameter Ranges (SM, PhD 1999)

Brian Chen, Design and Analysis of Digital Watermarking, Information Embedding, and Data Hiding Systems (SM, PhD 2000)

Li Lee, Distributed Signal Processing (M.Eng., PhD 2000)

Richard Barron, Systematic Hybrid Analog/Digital Signal Coding (S.M., PhD 2000)

Matthew J. Secor, Geometric Modeling and Analysis of Dynamic Resource Allocation Mechanisms (PhD 2001)

Wade Torres, Generalized Frequency Modulation (PhD 2001)

Yonina Eldar, Quantum Signal Processing (PhD 2001)

Stark C. Draper, Successive Structuring of Source Coding Algorithms for Data Fusion, Buffering, and Distribution in Networks (PhD 2002)

J. Nicholas Laneman, Cooperative Diversity in Wireless Networks: Algorithms and Architectures (PhD 2002)

Andrew Russell, Regular and Irregular Signal Resampling (PhD 2002)

Michael J. Lopez, Multiplexing, Scheduling, and Multicasting Strategies for Antenna Arrays in Wireless Networks (PhD 2002)

Huan Yao, Efficient Signal, Code and Receiver Designs for MIMO Communication Systems (PhD 2003)

Charles K. Sestok, Data Selection in Signal Detection(PhD 2003)

Albert M. Chan, A Framework for Low-Complexity Iterative Interference Cancellation in Communication Systems (PhD 2004)

Emin Martinian, Dynamic Information and Constraints in Source and Channel Coding (PhD 2004)

Maya R. Said, Signal Processing in Biological Cells: Proteins, Networks, and Models (ScD 2005)

Petros T. Boufounos, Quantization and Erasures In Frame Representations (ScD 2006)

Sourav R. Dey, Randomized Sampling and Multiplier-Less Filtering (PhD 2008)

Melanie B. Rudoy, Multistage Mean-Variance Portfolio Selection in Cointegrated Vector Autoregressive Systems (PhD 2009)

Joseph J. Sikora III, Sound Propagation around Underwater Seamounts (PhD 2009)

Jonathan Paul Kitchens, Acoustic Vector-Sensor Array Processing (PhD 2010)

Zahi N. Karam, Subspace and Graph Methods to Leverage Auxiliary Data for Limited Target Data Multi-Class Classification, Applied to Speaker Verification (PhD 2011)

Shay Maymon , Sampling and Quantization for Optimal Reconstruction (PhD 2011)

Dennis Wei , Design of Discrete-Time Filters for Efficient Implementation (PhD 2011)

Thomas A. Baran, Conservation in Signal Processing Systems (PhD 2012)

Sefa Demirtas, Functional Composition and Decomposition for Signal Processing (2014)

Tarek A. Lahlou, Decentralized Signal Processing Systems with Conservation Principles (PhD 2016)

Other DSPG Alumni

Fuji bikes and crispy fish: in memory of Gary Kopec.

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