Multimedia Systems Group

Professor Vivienne Sze


Paper and Presentation Awards

MICRO 2022 Distinguished Artifact Award (October 2022)

Yannan Nellie Wu, Po-An Tsai, Angshuman Parashar, Vivienne Sze, Joel Emer

“Sparseloop: An Analytical Approach to Sparse Tensor Accelerator Modeling,” ACM/IEEE International Symposium on Microarchitecture (MICRO), October 2022. [ paper PDF | project website LINK | code github ]

First Place, Graduate winner at the ACM Student Research Competition Grand Finals (May 2020)

ACM Student Research Competition at MICRO-52 – Gold Medal (October 2019)

Peter Li, Sertac Karaman, Vivienne Sze

Extension of paper:
“High-throughput Computation of Shannon Mutual Information on Chip,” Robotics: Science and Systems (RSS), June 2019. [ paper PDF | poster PDF | slides PDF | video Link | supplementary material PDF ]

Symposium on VLSI Circuits Best Student Paper Award (June 2019)

Amr Suleiman, Zhengdong Zhang, Luca Carlone, Sertac Karaman, Vivienne Sze

“Navion: A Fully Integrated Energy-Efficient Visual-Inertial Odometry Accelerator for Autonomous Navigation of Nano Drones,” IEEE Symposium on VLSI Circuits (VLSI-Circuits), June 2018. [ paper PDF | slides PDF | poster PDF | project website LINK

CICC Outstanding Invited Paper Award (March 2018)

Vivienne Sze, Yu-Hsin Chen, Joel Emer, Amr Suleiman, Zhengdong Zhang

“Hardware for Machine Learning: Challenges and Opportunities,” IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conference (CICC), Invited Paper, May 2017. [ paper arXiv | slides PDF ]

MARC Best Poster and Pitch Award (January 2018)

IBM AI Research Week Outstanding Poster Award (September 2019)

Hsin-Yu Lai, Gladynel Saavedra Pena, Thomas Heldt, Vivienne Sze

H.-Y. Lai, G. Saavedra Peña, C. Sodini, T. Heldt, V. Sze, “Enabling Saccade Latency Measurements with Consumer-Grade Cameras,” IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), October 2018. [ paper PDF | poster PDF ]

G. Saavedra Peña, H.-Y. Lai, V. Sze, T. Heldt, “Determination of saccade latency distributions using video recordings from consumer-grade devices,” IEEE International Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference (EMBC), July 2018. [ paper PDF | poster PDF ]

Micro Top Picks Award (December 2016)

Yu-Hsin Chen, Joel Emer, Vivienne Sze

“Eyeriss: A Spatial Architecture for Energy-Efficient Dataflow for Convolutional Neural Networks,” International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA), pp. 367-379, June 2016. [ paper PDF | slides PDF ]

2015 Broadcom Foundation University Research Competition – 3rd Place (June 2015)

Amr Suleiman, Vivienne Sze

“Energy-Efficient HOG-based Object Detection at 1080HD 60 fps with Multi-Scale Support,” IEEE International Workshop on Signal Processing Systems (SiPS), pp. 256-261, October 2014. [ paper PDF | slides PDF ]

Top 10% Paper Recognition at ICIP (September 2014)

Mehul Tikekar, Chao-Tsung Huang, Vivienne Sze, Anantha Chandrakasan

“Energy and Area-Efficient Hardware Implementation of HEVC Inverse Transform and Dequantization,” IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), pp. 2100-2104, October 2014. [ paper PDF | slides PDF ]

Student Awards

Yu-Hsin Chen receives the 2019 ACM SIGARCH/IEEE CS TCCA Outstanding Dissertation Award, which recognizes excellent thesis research by doctoral candidates in the field of computer architecture, for his “contributions to efficient and flexible dataflows and architectures for deep learning acceleration.” [ link ]

Yu-Hsin Chen receives the 2018 Jin-Au Kong Doctoral Thesis Prize for outstanding doctoral thesis in Electrical Engineering at MIT [ link ]

“Architecture Design for Highly Flexible and Energy-Efficient Deep Neural Network Accelerators,” Ph.D. Thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, June 2018. [ thesis Link | defense video | slides PDF ]

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