Emergent Gravity :: August 25-29, 2008 / Massachusetts Institute of Technology / Center for Theoretical Physics (6-304)
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This conference is the third in a series of conferences that focus on bringing together researchers working in condensed matter physics and quantum gravity. The first of these conferences was held at the Perimeter Institute in 2005 and the second conference at the Lorentz Center in Leiden in 2007.

The condensed matter and gravity communities have traditionally worked on different problems, with little reason to interact. In recent years, this has changed for a number of reasons. The condensed matter community has, for some time now, observed emergent phenomena that look very much like the high energy phenomena that we see around us and has made the logical step to ask whether our world is also emergent from an underlying condensed matter like theory. It is natural to investigate the role of gravity in this context, and several attempts have been made to show how gravity could arise in a condensed matter theory. In the quantum gravity community the interest in condensed matter physics grew out of the realization that one is dealing with a system with a very large number of degrees of freedom, i.e., one finds oneself in a situation not unlike the one encountered in solid state physics.

The aim of this conference series is to bring together these two communities so that they can learn from and critique each other. This third workshop in the series will have a focus on cosmology and the origin of the universe. The format will be a combination of talks by leading experts in both fields and ample time for discussion

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Registration is free and is available online until August 14th. After that date, please contact Olaf Dreyer (odreyer[at]mit.edu) directly.




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