The Electromechanical Systems Group harnesses energy conversion processes. We are interested in inventing.  We are interested in attacking any engineering problem whose solution will enhance quality of life, improve the efficiency and performance of a useful electromechanical process, or minimize the environmental impact associated with electromechanical energy conversion.  We are interested in anything that moves. We design and apply embedded control systems, power electronic circuits, power systems, analog and digital circuits, and new materials for sensors and actuators.

Electromechanical Systems Group doctoral candidate Daisy Green wins 2019 IEEE AutoTestCon prize paper award

ESG doctoral candidate Daisy Green won a prize paper award for the paper "Dashboard: Nonintrusive Electromechanical Fault Detection and Diagnostics" (co-authors Thomas Kane, Stephen Kidwell, Peter Lindahl, John Donnal, and Steven Leeb) at the August [...]

Grainger Energy Machines Facility

The ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Grainger Energy Machines Facility, home of the Electromechanical Systems Group, was held on Thursday May 3.

Electromechanical Systems Group graduate Will Cotta selected 2018 Coast Guard Engineer of the Year

LT William Cotta, a Professional Engineer currently serving at the Coast Guard Marine Safety Center, was selected 2018 Coast Guard Engineer of the Year, from a remarkable pool of nominees based on his educational, professional, [...]

T.J. Rodgers Funds MIT Research Laboratory In Electronics

T.J. Rodgers, founding CEO of Cypress Semiconductor Corporation, today announced an agreement with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to fund the "T.J. Rodgers RLE Laboratory" with a $5 million gift. The Research Laboratory of Electronics (RLE) is MIT's leading entrepreneurial [...]