Poster Template

We ask that anyone who is submitting a poster use the provided RLE template. The poster is sized 48" x 36" and is in Powerpoint format.


RLE is also organizing the printing of posters for this event. The printer will only accept PDF files sized to 48" x 36" in landscape/vertical format. Instructions for creating PDF files from the Powerpoint template are below. Files must be submitted for printing no later than October 5th at 5pm. (Click here for instructions on how to create a poster size pdf).


Please email your final poster in PDF format to rletaskforce(at)gmail(dot)com


Banner section
Please choose from the 7 areas of focus at RLE (provided in the template) and place the correct color box in the top-right corner of your poster, in the "banner section". Please also provide the name of your group, and people in your group in the "banner section".

See a sample poster for content purposes (5mb PDF file)
(Please note that this poster is not in the requested template, it is just for demonstration purposes.)

Main Section
The poster should focus on answering the following questions:

  • Why? What motivates the group's research?
  • How? Unique approaches and tools that the group uses
  • What? Examples of projects
  • Who? Who are the members in the group?

Below are some "ideas" to inspire your answers to the questions above:


  • What big questions are you investigating or trying to solve?
  • What is your lab's "big idea?"
  • Describe your research topic to a 10-year-old.


  • Who are the members involved in this research?
  • What is the personnel structure of your group?
  • What departments do you cover?

What? How?

  • What are your core competencies?
  • What kind of instruments you have and what can you do?
  • Are you the best in the world at anything?
  • What is the biggest accomplishment in the past year?
  • Where do you see your research in 10 years?
  • How has the research in your group changed over the past 10, 20, 30, ... years?


  • What kinds of impact does your research have or outreach do you perform?
  • Who, outside of MIT, cares the most about your research?
  • Has this research resulted in any spin-off companies?
  • What is your group's online presence?


  • Current - With whom do you collaborate and how do your collaborations work?
  • Do your lab members commonly work in other labs, or other research commonly work in your lab?



Please note, the instructions below may be different depending on your version of the operating system and version of Powerpoint software.

For Windows Users (Vista with Powerpoint 2007)

  1. From the main Windows menu within Powerpoint, choose Save As > PDF
  2. Make sure to check Optimize for Standard Publishing in the dialog box, then click Publish.
  3. Check the PDF to make sure everything is OK.


Download one of these applications to create large PDF files:

For Macintosh Users

  1. Select File: Save As, select "PDF from the format list", click the Save button
  2. Check the PDF to make sure everything is OK.