Yanming Wang

Research Interests: Nanomaterial synthesis and deformation, Multi-scale modeling

Research Approach: Theory

Email: yanmingwATmitDOTedu

Phone: 650-485-9696

Office: 13-4038

Brendan Smith

Research Interests: Nanoporous materials for applications in water and energy, nanomanufacturing

Research Approach: Experiments

Email: b_smithATmitDOTedu

Phone: (617) 258-0222

Office: 13-4042

Xining Zang

Research Interests: 2D and quasi-2D materials/heterostructures, natural carbonaceous materials, energy harvesting and storage materials, laser manufacturing

Research Approach: Experiments

Email: xzangATmitDOTedu

Office: 13-4069

Thomas Sannicolo

Research Interests: Transparent conductive materials, photovoltaics, nanomaterials for energy applications

Research Approach: Experiments

Email: tsnATmitDOTedu

Office: 13-4077

Zhengmao Lu

Research Interests: Water and energy application of nanomaterials

Research Approach: Experiments

Email: zhengmaoATmitDOTedu

Office: 13-4038

Taishan Zhu

Research Interests: random heterogeneous media, computational organic chemistry, unnatural physics of natural carbons

Research Approach: Theory

Email: taishanATmitDOTedu

Office: 13-4077

Dillon C. Yost

Research Interests: Electron dynamics, first-principles molecular dynamics, electromagnetic radiation shielding, 2D materials, machine learning.

Research Approach: Theory

Email: dyost@mit.edu

Office: 13-4066