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Integrated CMOS Photonics

Energy-Efficient Monolithic CMOS Photonic NEtworks for manycore Processors


DARPA, NSF, FCRP IFC, Trusted Foundry, Intel, MIT CICS, NSERC, and Angstrom


Ben Moss, Michael Georgas, Jonathan Leu, Chen Sun. We collaborate with the groups of Prof. Rajeev Ram, Prof. Franz Kaertner, Prof. Judy Hoyt, Prof. Henry Smith and Prof. Erich Ippen at MIT , Prof. Krste Asanovic at UC Berkeley, and Prof. Milos Popovic at University of Colorado at Boulder.

This project is investigating the integration of photonics in SOI and bulk CMOS processes. The throughput bounds of traditional interconnect networks in microprocessors are being pushed to their limits. In past single-core processors, the number of long global wires constituted only a small fraction of the total. However, with the emergence of multi-core systems, where each core must communicate with each other as well as with off-chip memory, global interconnects have become a major bottleneck. The solution has been proposed through integrated photonic networks[1, 3], where multiple channels of information can be placed onto a single low-latency waveguide, reducing the number of interconnects and increasing the link bandwidth and efficiency. We are developing methods to integrate this exciting new technology from the transistor and circuit level through to the system architecture level.

Figure 1: The emergence of multi-core computing.

As an emerging technology, there are many cutting-edge research topics in integrated photonics, from device optimization to network architecture design. Our group focuses on the circuits and systems that interface with the optical devices, and we work closely with photonic device designers in an effort to co-design the devices and circuits for system-level optimization. We are actively investigating and implementing designs for optical modulators and receivers, optical clock distribution methods, and different network topologies based on integrated photonic link specifications [2].


Figure 2: System view of a 16-core integrated photonic on-chip network  

The photonics project has an aggressive tapeout schedule with multiple chips being sent for fabrication each year in processes such as IBM 45-nm SOI (the same process as the IBM Cell Processor in your PlayStation3). We are driven by implementation and testing our system and circuit models with measurement in silicon.

Figure 3: Optical-electrical link test station. The photo shows a link experiment being performed, where light is coupled from an optical fiber through the top of the chip. Electrical control is achieved through the PCB shown.




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Technical Reports

  1. Beamer, S., C. Sun, Y. Kwon, A. Joshi, C. Batten, V. Stojanovic and K. Asanovic, “Re-architecting DRAM with Monolithically Integrated Silicon Photonics” (UC Berkeley EECS-2009-179).
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