Integrated Systems Group | Prof. Vladimir Stojanovic
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Integrated Systems Group is focused on several key design aspects of modern integrated systems. The group is focused on building cutting edge, energy-efficient integrated systems through vertical optimization encompassing communications and signal processing algorithms and architectures, and digital and mixed-signal circuits. The main research topics include system design and implementation using digital, mixed-signal and analog circuits in deep-submicron CMOS, as well as methodologies, circuit and system design with emerging interconnect and switch technologies such as silicon-photonics and NEM relays.

Most integrated systems today are limited by tight power and/or throughput constraints. In this environment, the usual system hierarchy becomes inefficient and novel vertical system design approaches are needed to create overall most efficient integrated systems. We believe that this can be achieved by blurring of the strict hierarchy boundaries and modification of standard communication techniques and circuits to perform the operations in a most energy-efficient way.
Some of the example systems that we are interested in are manycore processor electrical and photonic networks and memory systems, high-speed electrical and optical interfaces, synchronization, clock generation and distribution, high-throughput mm-wave baseband transceivers and low-throughput implantable sensors and sensor networks.

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