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Remembering Professor Kong

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Evaluation 6.630, Fall ’98, 12/19/98: Lecturer Rating: 6.1/7.0

Lecturer J. Kong was praised as a "fabulous" teacher with full understanding of the material. His teaching style was very "enthusiastic" involving clear presentations, great use of the blackboard and lots of fun.

[The course] "Teaches you the Universe!"

Evaluation 6.630, Fall ’99 Lecturer Rating: 6.2/7.0

Lecturer J. Kong was universally praised by his students for being a wonderful and exceptional lecturer. His teaching was excellent, clear, and organized. He was praised for being very knowledgeable and quite humorous (which made his lectures entertaining).

"Kong is a god."

Evaluation 6.630, Fall ’00 Lecturer Rating: 6.4/7.0

Lecturer J. Kong was universally praised for his animated, enthusiastic, and lively teaching style, systematic treatment of concepts and ability to make a boring topic exciting and easily understood. Students appreciated his knack for telling when the class was lost and his funny, refreshing anecdotes. He made the 90-minute lecture pass quickly and could convey more information using grunts than other professors do with sentences.

...Most students had few ideas for improving the class, so long as it was taught by Kong.

Evaluation 6.632, Fall ’00 Lecturer Rating: 6.0/7.0

Students described Lecturer J. Kong as an exceptional teacher, fast-paced but friendly, entertaining, and relaxed. In fact, some decided to take the class primarily because he was teaching it.

"Kong is the funniest lecturer. He is sweet. He gets a 10."

Evaluation 6.630, Fall ’01 Lecturer Rating: 6.4/7.0

Lecturer J. Kong (6.4/7.0, 25 responses) was praised for his well-structured and humorous lectures. His explanations were clear and organized. His interesting stories and histories kept students alert during boring topics.

“Kong is King!"

Evaluation, 6.632, Spring ’02 Lecturer Rating: 6.7/7.0

WHAT’S HOT: Professor Kong!

...A number of students took the class because the lecturer was very good.

Lecturer J. Kong (6.7/7.0, 24 responses) was universally praised for his engaging teaching style and wonderful use of humor. He was very prepared and knowledgeable…

“One of the best lecturers I've had at MIT. What do you expect from a direct descendant of Confucius?”

“You gotta love Kong! He is good, like very very good.”

Evaluation, 6.013, Spring ‘07

Subject info: Amazing class, amazing Lectures, Professor Kong is king.
Hot: Professor Kong is king! Lectures!
Motivation: ... if I took it again, it would be for Kong.
Quiz comments: Exams were very fair. Kong is VERY helpful, no suprises.
Suggestions: Do whatever Kong did.
Hot: …Kong and his stories about Maxwell
Suggestions: Keep professor kong!
Hot: TAs, office hours, Kong's Maxwell stories.
Hot: Professor Kong's stories about Maxwell.
Hot: Kong's humor Stories about Maxwell
Hot: Maxwell story time.
Hot: Professor Kong,
Hot: The Maxwell Stories during class… Someone else should take the class because it is well taught and Prof. Kong is amazing.

Vikas Anant, S.M. ’03, Ph.D. ’07

“Your father's classes were the most enjoyable classes I took at MIT and I am sure that generations of MIT students will agree.”