Tuesday, April 30th / 3-7:45pm / MIT Endicott House

The RLE Laboratory for Electromagnetic and Electronic Systems (LEES) will be holding its seventh annual research program presentations at MIT’s Endicott House on Tuesday, April 30. Since its establishment in 2006, this event has seen a number of different faces and projects, and is now our laboratory’s most important annual event. For the past six years we have had the unique opportunity to gather at the MIT Endicott House, a beautiful mansion rich in history.  Each time, we have seen how the young men and women of our research laboratory bring passion and innovation to their projects through friendly discussions.  Once they graduate and move on, these alumni make good use of the lessons they learned while interacting with other students, professors, and distinguished guests at the LEES poster presentation.  Our alumni have set out on careers in various industries, taking on positions such as researchers, analysts, consultants, entrepreneurs, and academics. Whatever path these accomplished people choose, they will appreciate the lessons learned from their gatherings at Endicott House.

LEES students will be personally presenting their work through posters and discussion, starting at 3:30pm in the afternoon. New to this year, we will be offering prizes and recognition for the top posters so we expect the poster content and presentations to be especially exceptional. The poster session will be followed by a lively reception and an engaging dinner. There will be a shuttle bus that will take students from MIT to the Endicott House.

LEES Poster Presentation is not open to the general MIT public. LEES faculty, staff and students who haven’t registered yet can RSVP right here on this site via the Registration Form or by email to Jouya Jadidian (jouya [at] mit [dot] edu) or Samantha Gunter (sgunter [at] mit [dot] edu).  We look forward to seeing you at the MIT Endicott house!

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