Nanotechnology Public Lecture Series :: The MIT Nanotechnology Public Lecture Series highlights recent interesting developments in nanotechnology from researchers around the world. The seminars present the latest research in nanotechnology, in a way that is intended to be accessible to the general public.  For further information, please call 617.253.7545
Current Lecture

Thursday, March 6, 2008
7PM, MIT Stata Center, Room 32-123

Nanophotonics: Discovering the Magic of Light in Nanostructures
Prof. Evelyn Hu, UCSB

Many of us have seen how very fine gratings formed in materials may alter the apparent color of light. ‘Nanophotonics’ embodies the similar idea of structuring a material at the nanoscale to achieve new optical behavior and controlled interactions between light and matter. Recent progress in nanofabrication allows us to create structures that can confine strong optical fields into very small volumes of materials (approximately equal to a cube whose side is the wavelength of light). This very strong interaction of light and its optical environment can produce dazzling new possibilities, among them: storing light; controlled ‘release’ of light, one photon at a time; slowing the velocity of light; and creating highly efficient sources of light. We will illustrate these possibilities using particular semiconductor nanostructures, and look ahead to further progress, challenges and opportunities in nanophotonics

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Nanophotonics: Discovering the Magic of Light in Nanostructures

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