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Tod Coleman: 50 people to watch (the Economist)

Tod Coleman gives talk at TEDxSanDiego 2012

MIT Researchers Turn Heads With WLAN Tech: Coded TCP (

Bernhard Haeupler’s paper, Simple, Fast and Deterministic Gossip and Rumor Spreading is a co-winner of the SODA 2013 best paper award.

Algebra proves useful after all, boosts Wi-Fi speed by 16x (

How MIT researchers and carriers are trying to fix the wireless data problem
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A Bandwidth Breakthrough (Science News Daily)

Packet Transport Technology Improves Wireless Bandwidth by 10x (Broadband Traffic Management)

Scientists improve bandwidth with algebra
At last, a use for it

A Bandwidth Breakthrough (MIT technology Review)

Scientists Promise Ten Times More Bandwidth With No New Hardware (

Researchers discover method of improving bandwith speeds using existing infrastructure (

MIT researchers use algebraic equation that improves WiFi and LTE data streams: boosts speed, reduces network congestion (

MIT researchers may have solved the spectrum crunch (

Basic Algebra Can Turbo-Boost Bandwidth, Says MIT

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Can a new TCP scheme give wireless a 16-fold boost?
Understanding MIT’s latest save-the-wireless-world technology

MIT researchers may have solved the spectrum crunch (

Increasing wireless network speed by 1000%, by replacing packets with algebra (

Rethinking networking
MIT researchers helped develop a theory that promised much more efficient data networks; then they were the first to put it into practice.

The Power of Random: Mit News article on Network Coding.

Alcatel-Lucent’s Bell Labs Launches Green Touch Initiative.

The ComSoc & Information Theory Society Joint Paper Award was awarded to T. Ho , M.l Medard , R. Koetter , D. Karger, M. Effros J. Shi, B. Leong for their paper entitled “A Random Linear Network Coding Approach to Multicast”, IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, vol. 52, no. 10, pp. 4413-4430, October 2006.

The William R. Bennett Prize in the Field of Communications Networking award was given to S. Katti , H. Rahul, W. Hu, D. Katabi, M. Medard, J. Crowcroft for their paper entitled , “XORs in the Air: Practical Wireless Network Coding”, IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, Volume 16, Issue 3, June 2008, pp. 497 – 510.

The 2009 the IEEE Communications Society and Information Theory Society Joint Paper Award was awarded to T. Ho, M. Médard, R. Koetter, D. R. Karger, M. Effros, J. Shi, and B. Leong, “A Random Linear Network Coding Approach to Multicast,” IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, vol. 52, no. 10, pp. 4413-4430, October 2006.

Jay-Kumar Sundararajan wins the “Marconi Young Scholars Award”. MIT News Story

BAE Systems to develop secure military communications network.

BAE Systems nabs tactical network development deal

Ulric Ferner to Attend LERU Doctoral Summer School

Ivan Sergeev wins Licklider UROP Award.

The elusive capacity of networks (MIT NEWS)

Marie-José Montpetit interview wit CBC.

Congratulations to Flavio du Pin Calmon on receiving the Avery Alan Ashdown Leadership Award for outstanding service and leadership to the Ashdown House community.

Bernhard Haeupler was awarded the ”Danny Lewin Best Student Paper Award” for his paper“Analyzing Network Coding Gossip Made Easy.”

Ulric Ferner won the William L. Stewart Jr. Award for “outstanding contributions by an individual student for extracurricular activities and events” for serving as GSC President.

IEEE Communcations article on ICAIT 2010, pg. 26.

Get ready for social TV (Fast Company article)

Secure, synchronized, social TV (MIT NEWS)

Shirley Xiaomeng Shi named Recipients of 2010 Claude E. Shannon Research Assistantships

Making the Right Connections at MIT
British Telecom’s (BT) Strategic Relationship

Marie-José Montpetit talks about Social TV in latest issue of Technology Review.