The Network Coding and Reliable Communications Group, Professor Muriel Medard

Publications: Papers: 2010

  1. Multi Packet Reception and Network Coding, MILCOM 2010

    A. Rezaee, Zeger, L. and Médard, M.

  2. Scalar-linear Solvability of Matroidal Networks Associated with Representable Matroids, invited paper, Turbo Coding 2010

    A. Kim, and Médard, M.

  3. Acknowledgement Design for Collision-Recovery-Enabled Wireless Erasure Networks, Allerton Conference, October 2010

    A. ParandehGheibi, Sundararajan, J.-K. and Médard, M.

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    M. Kim and Médard, M.

  5. A Multi-Hop Multi-Source Algebraic Watchdog, ITW, 2010

    M. Kim, Médard, M. and Barros, J.

  6. Cases Where Finding the Minimum EntropyColoring of a Characteristic Graph is a Polynomial Time Problem, ISIT 2010

    S. Feizi and Médard, M.

  7. Avoiding Interruptions – QoE Trade-offs in Block-coded Streaming Media Application, ISIT 2010

    ParandehGheibi, Médard, M., Shakkottai, S. and Ozdaglar, A.

  8. On Network Functional Compression, Information Theory Transactions, 2010

    S.Feizi, M. Medard

  9. Compressive Sensing Over Networks, 2010 Annual Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing

    S. Feizi, M.Medard, M. Effros

  10. Locally Adaptive Sampling, 2010 Annual Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing

    S. Feizi, V. Goyal, M. Medard

  11. Cases Where Finding the Minimum Entropy Coloring of a Characteristic Graph is a Polynomial Time Problem, 2010 IEEE InternationalSymposium on Information Theory (ISIT 2010)

    S. Feizi, M. Medard

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    W. Shin; D. Lucani; M. Médard; M. Stojanovic; V. Tarokh

  14. Trusted Storage over Untrusted Networks, IEEE Globecom Communication Theory Workshop December 2010

    P. Oliveira, L. Lima, T. Vinhoza, J. Barros, M. Médard,

  15. Systematic Network Coding for Time-Division Duplexing, In Proc. IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory, pp. 2403 – 2407, Austin, TX, Jun. 2010

    D. Lucani, M. Médard; M. Stojanovic;

  16. On optimizing low SNR wireless networks using network coding, IEEE Globecom Communication Theory Workshop December 2010

    M. Thakur, M. Médard

  17. Online Network Coding for Time-Division Duplexing, IEEE Globecom Communication Theory Workshop December 2010

    D. Lucani, M. Médard, M. Stojanovic

  18. Network Coding in Optical Networks with O/E/O Based Wavelength Conversion , accepted to OFC 2010

    R. S. Thinniyam, Kim, M., Médard, M., O’Reilly, U.-M.

  19. Video-centric Network Coding Strategies for 4G Wireless Networks: An Overview, the 2010 IEEE Consumer Communications and Networking Conference

    M.-J. Montpetit and Médard, M.

  20. On Counteracting Byzantine Attacks in Network Coded Peer-to-Peer Networks, the IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications: Special Issue on Mission-Critical Infrastructure, 2010

    M. Kim, Lima, L., Zhao, F., Barros, J, Médard, M., Koetter, R., Kalker, T. and Han, K.

  21. Secure Network Coding for Multi-Resolution Wireless Video Streaming, the IEEE Journal of Selected Areas in Communications, 2010

    L. Lima, Gheorghiu, S., Barros, J. , Médard, M., and Toledo, A. T.

  22. Coding and Control for Communication Networks, the Queuing Systems Erlang Centennial Issue

    W. Chen, Traskov, D., Heindlmaier, M. Médard, M., Meyn, S., Ozdaglar, A.

  23. A Genetic Algorithm to Minimize Chromatic Entropy, to be published in: P. Cowling and P. Merz (Eds.): EvoCOP 2010, LNCS 6022, pp. 59–70. Springer, Heidelberg (2010)

    G. Durrett, Médard, M., and O’Reilly U.-M.

  24. On analyzing and improving COPE performance, invited paper, ITA Workshop

    F. Zhao and Médard, M.

  25. Asynchronous Network Coded Multicast accepted to the 2010 ICC Communication Theory Symposium

    D. Traskov, Lenz, J., Ratnakar, N. and Médard, M.

  26. Optimal Reverse Carpooling Over Wireless Networks – A Distributed Optimization Approach, CISS 2010

    A. ParandehGheibi, Ozdaglar, A., Effros, M. and Médard, M.

  27. Analog Network Coding in the High SNR Regime, invited paper, ITA Workshop, January 2010

    I. Maric, Goldsmith. A., and Médard, M.

  28. Minimum cost content distribution using network coding: Replication vs. coding at the source nodes, ITW 2010

    S. Huang, Ramamoorthy , A., and Médard, M.

  29. On Resource Allocation in Fading Multiple Access Channels — An Efficient Approximate Projection Approach, IEEE Transactions on Information Theory

    A. ParandehGheibi, Eryilmaz, A., Ozdaglar, A., and Médard, M.

  30. Network coding for multi-resolution multicast, INFOCOM 2010

    M. Kim, Lucani, D., Shi, X., Zhao, F. and Médard, M.

  31. Collision Helps – Algebraic Collision Recovery for Wireless Erasure Networks, IEEE Wireless Network Coding Workshop

    A. ParandehGheibi, Sundararajan J.-K. and Médard, M.

  32. Issues in Peer-to-Peer Networking: a Coding Optimization Approach, NETCOD 2010

    C. Chang, Effros, M., Ho, T., Médard, M. and Leong, B.

  33. Access-Network Association Policies for Media Streaming in Heterogeneous Environments, CDC 2010

    A.ParandehGheibi , M. Médard, A.Ozdaglar, S. Shakkottai

  34. Network Coding: Applications and Implementations on Mobile Devices

    F.H. Fitzek, Pedersen, M., Heide, J., and Médard, M.

    Proceedings of the 5th ACM workshop on Performance monitoring and measurement of heterogeneous wireless and wired networks, 2010