The Network Coding and Reliable Communications Group, Professor Muriel Medard

Publications: Papers: 2015

  1. A Coded Generalization of Selective Repeat ARQ

    J. Cloud, Leith, D., and Médard, M.

    accepted to INFOCOM 2015

  2. A Proposal for Network Coding with the IEEE 802.15.6 Standard

    X. Shi and Médard, M.


  3. Performance Limits of Sparse Support Recovery Algorithms

    G. Angelopoulos, and Médard, M.

    European Wireless 2015

  4. On Locally Decodable Source Coding

    A. Makhdoumi, Huang, S.-L., Médard, M., Polyanskiy, Y.

    ICC CTS 2015

  5. Optimization-Based Linear Network Coding for General Connections of Continuous Flows

    Y. Cui, Médard, M.,Yeh, E., Leith, D., Duffy, K.

    ICC CTS 2015 (winner of an ICC Best Paper Award)

  6. AdaptCast: An Integrated Source to Transmission Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks

    G. Angelopoulos, Médard, M., Chandrakasan, A.

    accepted to ICC WS 2015

  7. Linear Network Coding and Parallel Transmission Increase Fault Tolerance and Optical Reach

    X. Chen, Jukan, A., Médard M.

    ICC ONS 2015 (winner of an ICC Best Paper Award)

  8. Quantifying Computational Security Subject to Source Constraints, Guesswork and Inscrutability

    A. Beirami, Calderbank. R., Duffy, K, and Médard, M.

    accepted to ISIT 2015

  9. A Successive Description of Monotone-chain Polar Codes for Slepian-Wolf Coding, and its Application to Separation of Source and Network Coding

    Salamatian, S., Médard, M., and Telatar, E.

    accepted to ISIT 2015

  10. Fundamental Limits of Perfect Privacy

    F. du Pin Calmon, Makhdoumi, A., and Médard, M.

    accepted to ISIT 2015

  11. Forgot Your Password: Correlation Dilution

    A. Makhdoumi, du Pin Calmon, F., and Médard, M.

    accepted to ISIT 2015

  12. Bandwidth Occupancy of Non-Coherent Wideband Fading Channels

    F. Gomez-Cuba, Du, J., Médard, M., and Erkip, E.

    accepted to ISIT 2015

  13. Network reduction for coded multiple-hop networks

    J. Du, , Sweeting,N., Adams, D. C., and Médard, M.

    accepted to IEEE ICC 2015

  14. File Updates Under Random/Arbitrary Insertions And Deletions

    Q. Wang, Cadambe, V., Jaggi, S., Schwartz, M., and Médard, M.

    ITW 2015

  15. Network Infusion to Infer Information Sources in Networks

    S. Feizi, Duffy, K., Kellis, M., and Médard, M.

    ICCSS 2015

  16. Cross-Layer Design of Network-Coded Transmission with a Delay Constraint

    J. Du. Adams, A., and Médard M.

    SPAWC 2015

  17. Why Reading Patterns Matter in Storage Coding and Scheduling Design

    U. Ferner, Soljanin, E., and Médard, M.

    IEEE Cloud 2015

  18. Can Network Coding Bridge the Digital Divide in the Pacific?

    U. Spiedel, Cocker, ‘E., Vingelmann, P., Heide, J., and Médard, M.

    Netcod 2015

  19. Network Coding over SATCOM – Lessons Learned

    J. Cloud, and Médard, M.

    WiSATS 2015

  20. On the Representability of Integer Polymatroids: Applications in Linear Code Construction

    A. Salimi, Médard, M. and Cui., R.

    Allerton 2015

  21. Communication Cost for Updating Functions when Message Updates are Sparse: Connections to Maximally Recoverable Codes

    P. Narayana Moorthy and Médard, M.

    invited paper, Allerton 2015

  22. A Geometric Pesrpective on Guesswork

    A. Beirami, R. Calderbank, M. Christiansen, K. Duffy, A. Makhdoumi, and M. Médard

    Allerton 2015

  23. Durable Network Coded Distributed Storage

    V. Abdrashitov and Médard, M.

    Allerton 2015

  24. A Linear Network Code Construction for General Integer Connections Based on the Constraint Satisfaction Problem

    Y. Cui, Médard, M., Pandya, D., Yeh. E., Leith, D., and Duffy, K.

    Globecom 2015 CTS

  25. Network Coded Software Defined Networking: Design and Implementation

    J. Krisglund, Hanson, J., Lucani, D., Fitzek, F.H.P., and Médard, M.

    European Wireless 2015

  26. Network Coding Based Information Spreading in Dynamic Networks with Correlated Data

    B. Haeupler, Cohen, A., Avin, C., and Médard, M., “

    IEEE Journal of Selected Areas in Communication, vol. 33, no.2, February 2015, pp. 213-224

  27. Coded-seeking: a simple HDD speed-up concept

    U. Ferner, and Médard, M.

    IEEE Communications Letters, vol. 19, no. 2, February 2015, pp. 139-142

  28. Probabilistic Characterisation of Baseline Noise in STR Profiles

    U. J. Mönich, Duffy, K., Médard, M., Cadambe, V., Alfonse, L.E., and Grgicak, C.

    Forensic Science International: Genetics, July 2015, pp. 107-122

  29. Multi-user Guesswork and Brute Force Security

    M. Christiansen, Duffy, K., du Pin Calmon, and Médard, M.

    IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, vol. 61, no. 12, December 2015, pp. 6876-6886