The Network Coding and Reliable Communications Group, Professor Muriel Medard

Publications: Papers: 2016

  1. Storage-Optimized Data-Atomic Algorithms for Handling Erasures and Errors in Distributed Storage Systems

    Konwar, K., N. Prakash, E. Kantor, Lynch, N., Médard, M. , and Shvatrsman, A.

    30th IEEE International Parallel & Distributed Processing Symposium

  2. Scalable Capacity Bounding Models for Wireless Networks

    J. Du, Médard, M., Xio, M., and Skoglund, M.

    IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, vol. 62, no. 1, January 2016, pp. 208-229

  3. Alignment based Network Coding for Two-Unicast-Z Networks

    W. Zeng, Cadambe, V., and Médard, M.

    accepted to IEEE Transactions on Information Theory

  4. Network Coding in the Link Layer for Reliable Narrowband Powerline Communications

    J. Bilbao, Crespo, P., Armendariz, I., and Médard, M.

    accepted to IEEE Journal of Selected Areas in Communication

  5. Feedback-based Online Network Coding

    J.-K. Sundararajan, Shah, D. Médard, M., and Sadeghi, P.

    accepted to IEEE Transactions on Information Theory

  6. The One-out-of-k retrieval Problem and Linear Network Coding

    G. Bianchi, Bracciale, L., Censor-Hillel, K., Lincoln, and Médard, M.

    4th International Castle Meeting on Coding Theory and Applications,4ICMCTA

  7. Network-Coding-based Multipath Transmission in Software Defined Fiber-Wireless Networks

    X. Liu, Médard, M., and Li, W.

    NetSoft 2016.

  8. A Coded Shared Atomic Memory Algorithm for Message Passing Architectures

    V. Cadambe, Lynch, N., Médard, M., and Musial, P

    accepted to Distributed Computing, Elsevier

  9. Coding for Locality in Reconstructing Permutations

    N. Raviv, Yaakobi, E., and Médard, M.,

    ISIT 2016

  10. Cost of Local Cooperation in Hierarchical Virtual MIMO Transmission Schemes

    J. Du, Médard, M., and Shamai, S.,

    ITW 2016

  11. Efficient Compression Algorithm For File Updates Under Random Insertions And Deletions

    Q. Wang, Médard, M., and Skoglund, M.,

    ITW 2016

  12. Optimum HDAF Relay-Assisted Combining Scheme with Relay Decision Information

    R. Alkurd, Shubair, R. M., and Médard, M.,

    VTC 2016

  13. A Generalization of Regenerating Codes for Clustered Storage Systems

    N. Prakash, Abdrashitov, V., and Médard, M.,

    Allerton 2016

  14. Obfuscating Poisson & Gaussian Data Using a Rotation in the Complex Plane

    R. MacDonald and Médard, M.,

    Asilomar 2016

  15. Staying Alive – network coding for data persistence in volatile networks

    V. Abdrashitov and Médard, M.,

    Invited paper, accepted to Asilomar 2016

  16. Efficient Coding for Multi-source Networks using Gacs-Korner Common Information

    S. Salamatian, Cohen, A., and Médard, M.,

    ISITA 2016

  17. Benefits of Opportunistic Routing, Implicit Acknowledgments, and Network Coding on a Linear Broadcast Network

    D. Whisman, Médard, M., Kusuma, J, and Croux, A.,

    Net cod 2016

  18. Multi-Path Low Delay Network Codes

    J. Cloud and Médard, M.,

    Globecom 2016

  19. RADON: Repairable Atomic Data Object in Networks

    K. Konwar, N. Prakash, N. and M. Medard

    OPODIS 2016