The Network Coding and Reliable Communications Group, Professor Muriel Medard

Publications: Papers: 2017

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  5. Towards Interconnected Virtual Reality: Opportunities, Challenges and Enablers

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  9. File Updates Under Random/Arbitrary Insertions and Deletions

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  11. A Linear Network Code Construction for General Integer Connections Based on the Constraint Satisfaction Problem

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    IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, Oct. 2017, pp. 1-14

  12. Topologies for the Provision of Network-Coded Services via Shared Satellite Channels

    U. Speidel, Cocker, ‘E., Médard, M., Heide, J., amd Vingelmann, P.

    SPACOMM 2017

  13. On Network Coded Filesystem Shim: Over-the-top Multipath Multi-Source Made Easy

    C. SØrensen, Lucani, D., and Médard, M.

    ICC 2017

  14. Capacity of Molecular Channels with Imperfect Particle-Intensity Modulation and Detection

    N. Farsad, Rose, C., Médard, M., and Goldsmith, A.

    ISIT 2017

  15. Gaussian ISI Channels with Mismatch

    W. Huleihel, Salamatian, S., Merhav, N., and Médard, M.

    ISIT 2017

  16. Centralized vs Decentralized Multi-Agent Guesswork

    S. Salamatian, Beirami, A., Cohen, A., and Médard, M.

    ISIT 2017

  17. Individually-Secure Multi-Source Multicast

    A. Cohen, Cohen, A., Gurewitz, O., and Médard, M.

    ISIT 2017

  18. Guessing With Limited Memory

    W. Huleihel, Salamatian, S., and Médard, M.

    ISIT 2017

  19. A Layered Architecture for Erasure-Coded Consistent Distributed Storage

    K. Konwar, Narayana Moorthy, P., Lynch, P. and and Médard, M.

    PODC 2017

  20. The Storage vs Repair Bandwidth Trade-off for Multiple Failures in Clustered Storage Networks

    A. Abdrashitov, Prakash, N., and Médard, M.

    ITW 2017

  21. Privacy Through Familiarity

    W. Huleheil, and Médard, M.

    ITW 2017

  22. Guesswork Subject to a Total Entropy Budget

    A. Rezaee, Beirami, A., Médard, M., Duffy, K., Makhdoumi, A.

    Allerton 2017

  23. Scheduling Wireless Ad Hoc Networks in Polynomial Time, Using Claw-free Conflict Graphs

    A. Kose, and Médard, M.

    PIMRC 2017