Candidate for President of the IEEE Communication Society
May 16, 2016

My most important goal as ComSoc President is to build and broaden its base membership and technical activities. The future viability of ComSoc as one of the IEEE leading societies is critically dependent on this vision. I want to substantially improve the involvement of industry with the society in their participation in conferences, publications and governance. It is vitally important that ComSoc has a balanced representation so the academics and practicing engineers can exchange research ideas and cross-pollinate. There are many fast developing research and development areas in communications and networking, many involving multi-disciplinary tools. ComSoc has started a number of new journals under my tenure as VP Publications and we need to continue to build on our initiatives and evolve and occupy substantial research roles in network, future wireless and optical communications and applications, incorporating data analytics, cognitive techniques, signal processing, and other network sciences. Another goal will be to engage multi-national government funding agencies and policy makers in future research direction discussions. The health of our society will significantly improve if more dialogues and interactions among such diversified groups occur in the future under ComSoc’s strong leadership. Another vitally important part of my mission as President is to continue to grow the ComSoc volunteer base. We need to cultivate and mentor new-blood and diversify participation for volunteer positions as a first step in grooming our future leaders. ComSoc needs a balanced multi-national representation and a globally-beneficial agenda for its membership base.