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Miscellaneous Reports

               1     R.B. Holt, H.I. Smith, and M.S. Gussenhoven, “Research on Optical Contact Bonding”, (Final Report May 15, 1963 – May 30, 1986), Report No. AFCRL-66-649.

               2     J.H. Chen and H.I. Smith, “High Pressure and Dielectric Investigations of the Alkaline Earth Fluorides”, (Final Report. October 1964 – June 1966), Report No. AFCRL-66-601.

               3     R.A. Cohen, R.W. Mountain, H.I. Smith, M.A. Lemma, and D.L. Spears, “Fabrication Procedure for Silicon Membrane X-ray Lithography Masks”, September 20, 1973, Report No. TN-1973-38; ESD-TR-73-248.

               4     H.I. Smith, “Proposal for National Research and Resource Facility for Submicrometer Structures”, submitted to the National Science Foundation, MIT Lincoln Lab, Lexington, MA, July 1, 1977.

               5     H.I. Smith, “Graphoepitaxy”, Semiannual Technical Summary Report. (January 1 – June 30, 1979), MIT Lincoln Lab, Lexington, MA, Report No. ESD-TR-79-311.

               6     D.C. Shaver, D.C. Flanders, and H.I. Smith, “The Alignment of Masks  Substrates for X-ray Lithography”, Lithography/Microscopy Beam Line Design Workshop, Stanford, CA, February 21-22, 1979, Ed. C. Ray Dannemiller, SSRL Report No. 79/02.  (Invited)

               7     H.I. Smith, “Graphoepitaxy”, Semiannual Technical Summary Report. July 1 – December 31, 1979, MIT Lincoln Lab, Lexington, MA, Report No. ESD-TR-80-214.

               8     K.A. Bezjian, S.S. Dana, J. Melngailis, and H.I. Smith, “Microstructure Fabrication Research”, RLE Progress Report No. 122, Section 19, p. 89-91, January 1980.

               9     H.I. Smith, A.M. Hawryluk, J. Melngailis, S.S. Dana, and K.A. Bezdjian, “Development of Microfabrication Techniques”, RLE Progress Report No. 123, Section 19, p. 109-111, January 1981.

            10     T. Yonehara, C.V. Thompson, and H.I. Smith, “Abnormal Grain Growth in Ultra-Thin Films of Germanium on Insulator”, VLSI Memo No. 84-163, February 1984.

            11     H. I. Smith, “X-ray Lithography”, A white paper prepared for the Semiconductor Research Corp. – June 1991.

            12     H.I. Smith and R.F. Pease, “Report on Optimal Strategy for Developing a Mask Writer”, March 6, 1995.

            13     J. Bokor, I. McCord, W.G. Oldham, and H.I. Smith, “Lithography Technology Options at 100nm and Beyond”, A white paper prepared for the Semiconductor Research Corp. – August 1997.

            14     H.I. Smith, “From Nanostructures to Nanoaccuracy:  A Vision for Future Industries”, A white paper. (1997)

            15     M.C. Abraham, H. Schmidt, T.A. Savas, Henry I. Smith, C.A. Ross, R.J. Ram, “Magnetic Properties and Interactions of Single Domain nanomagnets in a periodic array”, J.  App. Phys., 89(10), pp. 5667-5670, 2001.