Optimal Measurements for
Scalable Quantum Technologies

10-24-2014: Quantum metrology with Dicke squeezed states by Z. Zhang and L.M. Duan has been published by the New Journal of Physics!

Link: Quantum metrology with Dicke squeezed states

Abstract: We introduce a new class of quantum many-particle entangled states, called the Dicke squeezed (or DS) states, which can be used to improve the precision in quantum metrology beyond the standard quantum limit. We show that the enhancement in measurement precision is characterized by a single experimentally detectable parameter, called the Dicke squeezing ${{\xi }_{D}}$, which also bounds the entanglement depth for this class of states. The measurement precision approaches the ultimate Heisenberg limit as ${{\xi }_{D}}$ attains the minimum in an ideal Dicke state. Compared with other entangled states, we show that the DS states are more robust to decoherence and give better measurement precision under typical experimental noise.