The 6th International Conference on Quantum Communication, Measurement and Computing
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Conference Program
All Talks in Room 34-101
Sunday | July 21, 2002
3:00-6:00pm Registration (also 7:00am-5:00pm Mon.-Thurs.) Building 34 Lobby
7:00-9:00pm Welcoming Reception — MIT Faculty Club
Monday | July 22, 2002
7:00-8:00am Continental Breakfast
8:00-8:15am Welcoming Remarks: Charles M. Vest, President, MIT
Session 1-Entanglement | Charles Bennett, Chair
8:15-8:40am J. I. Cirac (invited)    
“Entanglement of States and Physical Operations”
8:40-9:05am P. Horodecki (invited)
“Entanglement Properties of Unknown State and Distant Labs Paradigm”
9:05-9:30am R. Jozsa (invited)    
“On the Role of Entanglement in Quantum Computational Speedup”
9:30-9:45am S. Bose    
“Generic Entanglement Generation and Duality in Entanglement for Identical Quantum Objects”
9:45-10:00am T. A. Brun
“How Much State Assignments Can Differ”
10:00-10:45am Coffee break
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Session 2-Quantum Imaging | Philippe Grangier, Chair
10:45-11:10am B. E. A. Saleh, A. F. Abouraddy, A V. Sergienko, and M. C. Teich (invited)
“Role of Entanglement in Quantum Holography”
11:10-11:35am Y. Shih (invited)
“Quantum Imaging, Quantum Lithography, and the Uncertainty Principle”
11:35am-12:00pm H. Lee, P. Kok, and J. P. Dowling (invited)    
“Quantum Imaging and Metrology”
12:00-1:45pm Lunch — MIT Student Center    
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Session 3-Quantum Information and Coding | Daniel Gottesman, Chair
1:45-2:10pm M. A. Nielsen (invited)    
  “Quantum Information Science, Entanglement, and Complex Quantum Systems”
2:10-2:35pm M. Ozawa (invited)    
“Quantum Limits of Measurement and Computing Induced by Conservation Laws and Uncertainty Relations”
2:35-2:50pm D. Bacon    
“Bell Tolls — the Quest for the Bandwidth of the Quantum”
2:50-3:05pm B. Rahn, A. C. Doherty, and H. Mabuchi
“Exact and Approximate Performance of Concatenated Quantum Codes”
3:05-3:20pm M. Sasaki, M. Fujiwara, M. Takeoka, and J. Mizuno
“Quantum Decoder for Single Photon Communication”
3:20-3:35pm B. C. Travaglione and G. J. Milburn
“Preparing Encoded States in an Oscillator”
3:35-4:15pm Coffee break
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Session 4-Quantum Control | Gerard Milburn, Chair
4:15-4:40pm H. J. Kimble (invited)    
“Quantum Dynamics with Single Atoms and Photons”
4:40-5:05pm H. Mabuchi, M. A. Arman, J. K. Au, A. C. Doherty, and J. K. Stockton (invited)
“Adaptive Quantum Measurement and Quantum Feedback Control”
5:05-5:30pm E. S. Polzik, B. Julsgaard, J. L. S¢rensen, and C. Shori (invited)
“Quantum State Exchange Between Light and Atoms: Towards Quantum Memory for Gaussian States”
5:30-5:45pm B. Laburthe, J. V. Porto, S. Peil, J. Obrecht, M. Subbotin B. E. King, S. L. Rolston,
and W. D. Phillips “Coherent Control of Neutral Atoms using Light”
5:45-6:00pm H. M. Wiseman, J. Reiner, W. P. Smith, L. Orozco, S. Kuhr, and P. Warszawski
“Quantum Trajectories and Quantum Control: Theory and Cavity-QED Experiment”
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Tuesday | July 23, 2002
7:00-8:00am Continental Breakfast
Session 5 — Quantum Processing with Linear Optics | Jonathan Dowling, Chair
8:00-8:25am G. J. Milburn (invited)    
“Can We Build an Optical Quantum Computer?”
8:25-8:50am O. Hirota (invited)    
“Entangled Coherent State and its Application to Quantum Information Processing”
8:50-9:15am N. Imoto, M. Koashi, S. Ozdemir, and T. Yamamoto (invited)
“Quantum Information and its Manipulation using Linear Optics”
9:15-9:40am F. De Martini (invited)    
“Flipping Qubits: Experimental Realization of the Optimal Universal NOT-Gate and Quantum Cloning”  
9:40-9:55am J. D. Franson, B. C. Jacobs, and T. B. Pittman
“Demonstration of Probabilistic Quantum Logic Operations using Linear Optics”
9:55-10:40am Coffee break
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Session 6 — Quantum Information Theory | Jeffrey Shapiro, Chair
10:40-11:20am Benjamin Schumacher (plenary)
"What is Information?"
11:20-11:45am  C. H. Bennett (invited)    
“Entanglement Assisted Capacity, Reverse Shannon Theorems, and Information/Obliviousness Tradeoffs”
11:45am-12:00pm V. P. Belavkin    
“Quantum Noise and Fidelity of Quantum Channels”
12:00-1:45pm Lunch — MIT Student Center
Poster Session I
3:35-4:15pm Coffee break
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Session 7 — Entangled Photons I | Ian Walmsley, Chair
4:15-4:40pm A. Zeilinger (invited)    
“Experimental Quantum Interference of Complex Systems”
4:40-5:05pm N. Gisin (invited)    
“Time-Bin Entangled Photons: Experimental Realisations and Perspectives”
5:05-5:30pm P. G. Kwiat (invited)    
“Taming Entanglement”
7:00-10:00pm JFK Museum Visit and Dinner Buffet
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7:00-8:00am Continental Breakfast
Session 8 — Quantum Cryptography I | Hoi-Kwong Lo, Chair
8:00-8:25am G. Gilbert and M. Hamrick (invited)
“Realistic Quantum Communications Security: Network Architectures and Performance”
F. Grosshans and P. Grangier (invited)
“Continuous Variable Quantum Cryptography using Coherent States”
8:50-9:15am C. Kurtsiefer, P. Zarda, M. Halder, H. Weinfurter, P. M. Gorman, P. R. Tapster, and J. G. Rarity (invited)    
“Secure Key Exchange over 23.4 km using Free-Space Quantum Cryptography”  
9:15-9:30am R. J. Hughes, J. E. Nordholt, G. L. Morgan, and C. G. Peterson    
“Free Space Quantum Key Distribution over 10 km in Daylight and at Night”
9:30-9:45am G. A. Barbosa, E. Corndorf, P. Kumar, H. P. Yuen, G. M. D'Ariano, M. G. A. Paris, and P. Perinotti    
“Secure Communication using Coherent States”    
9:45-10:00am H. Zbinden, D. Stucki, N. Gisin, O. Guinnard, and G. Ribordy    
“Quantum Key Distribution over 67 km with a Plug & Play System”
10:00-10:45am Coffee break
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Session 9 — Quantum Bit Commitment and Cryptography | John Rarity, Chair
10:45-11:10am G. M. D'Ariano (invited)    
“Encoding Quantum Information on CP-Maps: the Quantum Bit Commitment”
11:10-11:35am D. Mayers (invited)    
“Symmetrization in Quantum Cryptography”
11:35am-12:00pm H. P. Yuen (invited)    
“Unconditionally Secure Quantum Bit Commitment”
12:00-1:45pm Lunch — MIT Student Center
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Session 10 — Quantum Computation | Seth Lloyd, Chair
1:45-2:25pm David Deutsch (plenary)    
“Physics, Philosophy, and Quantum Technology”
2:25-2:50pm P. L. Knight, B. Tregenna, B. C. Sanders, and S. Bartlett (invited)
“Quantum Walks and the Speed-Up of Quantum Algorithms: a Quantum Quincunx”
2:50-3:05pm A. M. Childs, E. Deotto, E. Farhi, J. Goldstone, S. Gutman, and A. J. Landahl
“Quantum Search by Measurement”
3:05-3:20pm S. D. Bartlett and B. C. Sanders
“Efficient Classical Simulation of Measurements in Optical Quantum Information”
3:20-3:35pm A. G. White, G. J. Pryda, J. L. O'Brien, T. B. Bell, N. K. Langford, G. J. Milburn, and T. C. Ralph    
“Efficient Linear Optical Quantum Computation"
3:35-4:15pm Coffee break
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Session 11 — Quantum Communication Theory | Masanao Ozawa, Chair
4:15-4:40pm S. Lloyd (invited)    
“The Power of Entangled Quantum Channels”
4:40-5:05pm C. A. Fuchs (invited)    
“Quantum Foundations in the Light of Quantum Information”
5:05-5:30pm A. Kent (invited)    
“Mistrustful Quantum and Relativistic Cryptography”
M. Murao and V. Vedral
“Encoding and Decoding Quantum Information via Entanglement”
5:45-6:00pm E. Andersson and S. M. Barnett    
“Bound on Measurement based on No-Signaling
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7:00-8:00am Continental Breakfast
Session 12 — Quantum Computation and Communication | Isaac Chuang, Chair
8:00-8:25am D. G. Cory and T. F. Havel (invited)
“NMR Perspectives on the Physics of Quantum Information Processing”
8:25-8:50am M. Kitagawa (invited)
“Initialization and Scalability of NMR Quantum Computers”
8:50-9:15am R. Clark (invited)
“Silicon-Based Quantum Computing”
9:15-9:40am E. Yablonovitch (invited)
“A Semiconductor Based Teleportation Receiver for Long-Distance Quantum Communications”
9:40-9:55am Y. S. Weinstein, S. Lloyd, J. V. Emerson, and D. G. Cory
“Experimental Implementation of the Quantum Baker's Map”
9:55-10:40am Coffee break
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Session 13 — Quantum State Manipulation | Peter Knight, Chair
10:40-11:20am Serge Haroche (plenary)    
"Manipulating Quantum Entanglement and Generating Non-Classical States with Atoms and Photons in a Carity"
11:20-11:45am D. Bouwmeester (invited)    
“Multi-Photon Quantum Cryptography and Optimal Universal Quantum Cloning”
11:45am-12:00pm D. Branning, P. Kwiat, and A. Migdall
“Observation of Photons Emitted during Inhibited Spontaneous Emission”
12:00-1:45pm Lunch — MIT Student Center
Poster Session II
3:35-4:15pm Coffee break
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Session 14 — Quantum Cryptography II | Gerald Gilbert, Chair
4:15-4:40pm D. Gottesman (invited)    
“Uncloneable Encryption with Quantum States”
4:40-5:05pm D. Gottesman and I. Chuang (invited)
“Quantum Digital Signatures”    
5:05-5:30pm H.-K. Lo (invited)    
“Practical Protocols for Secure Quantum Key Distribution at High Quantum Bit Error Rates: a Survey
7:00-10:00pm Conference Banquet and Awards Ceremony
  Cambridge Marriott Hotel
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FRIDAY, JULY 26, 2002
7:00-8:00am Continental Breakfast
Session 15 — Entangled Photons II | Prem Kumar, Chair
8:00-8:25am I. A. Walmsley (invited)    
“Efficient Generation of Entangled Photons by Means of Parametric Downconversion in Controlled Spatio-Temporal Modes”
8:25-8:50am A. V. Sergienko, G. Di Giuseppe, M. Atatüre, B. E. A. Saleh, and M. C. Teich (invited)
“Entangled-Photon State Engineering”
8:50-9:15am J. H. Shapiro (invited)    
“Generating Quantum Interference and Polarization Entanglement with Optical Parametricamplifiers”    
9:15-9:30am H. de Riedmatten, I. Marcikic, H. Zbinden, and N. Gisin
“Creating High-Dimensional Time-Bin Entanglement using Mode-Locked Lasers”
9:30-9:45am V. Giovannetti, L. Maccone, J. H. Shapiro, and F. N. C. Wong
“Maximal Entanglement Generation via Pulsed Parametric Downconversion”
9:45-10:00am A. J. Miller, S. W. Nam, J. M. Martinis, and A. V. Sergienko
“Demonstration of Photon-Number Resolving Detectors for Quantum Information Applications
10:00-10:45am Coffee break
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Session 16 — Entanglement II | G. Mauro D'Ariano, Chair
10:45-11:10am P. Tombesi (invited)    
“Teleporting a Quantum State of the Radiation to a Macroscopic Oscillator”
11:10-11:35am V. Vedral (invited)    
“Quantum and Classical Correlations: Thermodynamics of Entanglement”
11:35am-12:00pm W. K. Wootters (invited)    
“Sharing Entanglement”  
12:00-1:45pm Lunch — MIT Student Center
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Session 17 — Sources of Nonclassical Light | Paul Kwiat, Chair
1:45-2:10pm Y. Yamamoto, C. Santori, D. Fattal, E. Waks, and K. Inoue (invited)
“Generation of Single Photons from a Quantum Dot for Quantum Key Distribution”
2:10-2:35pm A. I. Lvovsky, S. A. Babichev, and J. Mlynek (invited)
“Quantum Technology of Non-Classical Light: New Experiments and Perspectives”
2:35-3:00pm P. Kumar (invited)
“Fiber-Optic Sources of Quantum Entanglement”
3:00-3:15pm A. Migdall, D. Branning, S. Castelletto, and M. Ware
“A Single Photon On-Demand Source with Decoupled Single and Multiphoton Probabilities”
3:15-3:30pm Z. L. Yuan, M. B. Ward, P. See, B. E. Kardynal, R. M. Stevenson, A. J. Shields, C. J. Lobo, K. Cooper, N. S. Beattie, D. A. Ritchie, and M. Pepper
“Electrical Generation of Single Photons”
3:30-3:45pm K. Dani, K. Brown, D. Stamper-Kurn, and K. B. Whaley
“Deterministic Fock State Generation”
3:45pm Adjourn
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