Quantum Nanostructures and
Nanofabrication Group

Prof. Karl K. Berggren and Dr. P. Donald Keathley


A central part of our research program is conveying the importance and excitement of science to a broader community.  We make every effort wherever possible to support and complement the wide array of existing outreach and public service programs at MIT.

Nanotechnology Public Lecture Series

We have started a new public lecture series, supported by the Research Laboratory of Electronics, Microsystems Technology Laboratory, MIT Public Service Center, and the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. The goal of the lecture series is to communicate the latest research and development in nanotechnology to the general public. Please contact us or subscribe to our mailing list by emailing a message with the subject line “subscribe’ to if you are interested in obtaining announcements of upcoming events.  You can also visit the lecture series’ website.

Undergraduate and Graduate Curriculum-Development Projects

Prof. Berggren is currently working to develop new curricular elements for the graduate course Submicrometer & Nanometer Technology (course participants only) based on incorporating laboratory workstyle elements into the course. This effort is based on getting students to experience the laboratory elements first-hand through video shorts, “pre-lab” exercises, and other multimedia elements. A core element is the application of the theoretical and survey knowledge from the course to the concrete problems of debugging processing mistakes and imperfections. By using virtual access to the laboratory, the cumbersome and time-consuming steps of lab access, safety training, are avoided while much of the intellectually challenging elements are preserved. This effort is funded by MIT’s Alumni funds for teaching: the Class of ’51 fund for Excellence in Education, the Class of ’55 Fund for Excellence in Teaching, the Class of ’72 Fund for Educational Innovation, and the Class of ’99 fund for Excellence in Student Learning.

Visiting Researchers and Students

We regularly host extended visits by researchers from academia or industry or by students enrolled at other educational institutions. We have hosted several highly productive visits of this type (prior visitors include Stefan Harrer, Daniele Masciarelli, Lars Schonenberg and Huigao Duan.

Generally, visits from students that last for fewer than 6 months will not be considered, while the most productive visits last at least a full year.

If you are interested in a visiting appointment in our laboratory, please forward your CV along with a cover-letter stating the details of your planned visit (duration, type, home institution, etc.) to our administrative assistant . Planning a visit to MIT you may also find the information helpful on the pages of the international student’s office and the international scholar’s office.