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Issue Topics

2003 May Issue 3

RLE Pursues the Optical Clock
Erich P. Ippen at the New Limits of Precision

Multidisciplinary Initiative
the DoD MURI program and RLE

Rising Stars
Oxenham and Sugiyama

Students at the Forefront
The Helen Carr Peake Research Prize

Computational Prototyping
an interview with Jacob K. White

Introducing a New Professor
Luca Daniel joins RLE

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Organic Optics and Electronics
a photo introduction to Marc Baldo's and Vladimir Bulovic's innovative new RLE research group
2002 December Issue 1

Mark Baldo (l) and Vladimir Bulovic (r)

Mark Baldo (l) and Vladimir Bulovic (r)

"We study physical properties of organic thin films, structures, and devices. Our fundamental findings are applied to the development of practical optoelectronic, electronic, and photonic organic devices of nano-scale thickness."Marc Baldo is one of the newest members of RLE's large recent contingent of junior faculty. Baldo was appointed Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) in the Spring of 2002. He collaborates closely with his former Princeton University and current RLE colleague, Vladimir Bulovic. Bulovic joined the MIT faculty in 2000 as Assistant Professor in EECS. Together with their students and research staff, Baldo and Bulovic form RLE's new Laboratory of Organic Optics and Electronics. RLE has completed extensive laboratory renovations for the group recently, and additional new research facilities and instrumentation in RLE are under construction for the investigators.

Baldo and Bulovic study physical properties of organic thin films, structures, and devices. Their objective is to reduce the size of active organic layers from the present nano-scale thickness of organic thin films to that of single molecules, with the ultimate goal of probing functionality of single molecules or polymer strands. Their work includes investigations of visible LEDs, solar cells, chemical sensors, electrical and exciton transport in organic materials, heterogeneous integration of biological materials, and novel organic transistors.

Inert atmosphere glove box environmentInert atmosphere glove box environment
in-situ shadow masking stagein-situ shadow masking stage
interior view of spinner elephant trunkInterior view of spinner elephant trunk
High vacuum thermal systemHigh vacuum thermal system
in-situ sample transfer stage in motionin-situ sample transfer stage in motion
High vacuum sample transfer lineHigh vacuum sample transfer line



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