Signals, Information, and Algorithms Laboratory
Professor Gregory W. Wornell



Signal Processing with Fractals: A Wavelet-Based Approach

G. W. Wornell
Prentice-Hall: Upper Saddle River, NJ, 1996

Fractal geometry and recent developments in wavelet theory are having an important impact on the field of signal processing. Efficient representations for fractal signals based on wavelets are opening up new applications for signal processing, and providing better solutions to problems in existing applications. Signal Processing with Fractals provides a valuable introduction to this new and exciting area, and develops a powerful conceptual foundation for understanding the topic. Practical techniques for synthesizing, analyzing, and processing fractal signal for a wide range of applications are developed in detail, and novel applications in communications are explored. Written by a signal processor for signal processors, Signal Processing with Fractals is a self-contained, well-illustrated treatise, and includes a highly accessible concept-oriented primer of the relevant wavelet theory.