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Mechanical Impedance of Human Skin

We are making in vivo measurements of the force response of skin at several body sites (fingertip, wrist, forearm, and forehead) to stimulation at various frequencies, amplitudes, and mean depths, in directions both normal and tangential to the surface of the skin. These measurements of viscoelasticity will be useful to the haptics community generally, providing specifications for the development of MEMS tactile displays. See a report on the progress of our preliminary experiments.

In this test, position (p) and force (F) were measured as a 500 um diameter cylindrical probe indented 300 um into the fingerpad skin at 1 mm/s (into). After 10 seconds for viscoelastic recovery (v1), the probe provided sinusoidal displacement (sd) at 20 Hz for 10 seconds. After a second viscoelastic recovery (v2) the probe withdrew (out) losing contact (lc) due to persisting depression of the skin.

Work by Tim Diller, David Schloerb


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