Sixian You

Ph.D., UIUC, 2019

Sixian You is the Alfred Henry and Jean Morrison Hayes Career Development Assistant Professor in the MIT EECS department, and a Principal Investigator in the MIT Research Laboratory of Electronics. Sixian did her Ph.D. at UIUC, obtained B.S. from HUST optics, and completed her postdoc at UC Berkeley. Her research interests are in biophotonics, microscopy, and computational imaging, with an emphasis on developing hardware and algorithms to overcome longstanding imaging limitations. She has been the recipient of a SCIALOG (Advancing Bioimaging) Award, Amazon Research Award, Microscopy Innovation Award, McGinnis Medical Innovation Graduate Inaugural Fellowship, Computational Science and Engineering Fellowship (UIUC), and Nikon Photomicrography Competition Image of Distinction award. Her work has been featured on the Cancer Research Cover, PNAS Cover, and Nature Communications Editors’ Highlight.



Post Doc

Tong Qiu

Ph.D., Virginia Tech, 2021

Tong is a postdoctoral associate. Her current research interest includes learning-based light sources, wavefront shaping, and nonlinear microscopy. She had her Ph.D. work with Professor Anbo Wang and MS work with Professor Yong Xu at Virginia Tech, where she gained hands-on experience on adaptive wavefront shaping, ultrafast laser, and multimode optical fibers. She likes to do photography (landscape and night sky!) during her free time.



Graduate Students

Li-Yu Yu

M.S., NTU, Photonics and Optoelectronics, 2019

B.S., NTU, Electrical Engineering, 2017

Li-Yu is a Ph.D. student at MIT EECS of year 2020. His current research focuses on seeing through scattering, addressing imaging and projection problems through complex media, in which the images are scrambled and concealed beneath plausibly random speckles. Before joining You lab, he worked on super-resolution imaging via microspheres and beam steering via metasurfaces at National Taiwan University at which he acquired his BS and MS degree. Liyu loves to play guitar and go.

Irin Ghosh

B.S., MIT, EECS, 2021

Irin is a MEng student at MIT EECS 2021. She comes from West Bengal state of India. Her current research involves finding a lower-dimensional representation of the transmission matrix of complex media. She is a big fan of painting and sketching.





Joshua R Talbot

B.S., MIT, EECS, 2021

Josh is a MEng student at MIT EECS. He comes from northern New Jersey. Currently, he is working on synchronizing optical hardware to speed up imaging and holography generation. He also spends time teaching electronics/physics to undergraduate and high school students. In his free time, he loves to make music or visit National Parks.




Undergraduate students

Jacqueline T Aslarus

B.S., MIT, EECS, 2019-2023

Jackie is an undergraduate student studying EECS at MIT. She’s excited about interdisciplinary research and EECS applications to healthcare. Within the lab, Jackie is working on using deep learning techniques to tackle the problem of imaging through scattering media. She likes knitting, crocheting, and reading.



Visiting Students

Artem Gazizov

B.S., TUM, CS & EECS, 2016-2020

Artem is a Meng student at TUM, EECS, 2020. He is interested in solving ill-posed image reconstruction problems using deep learning. He likes to play guitar and read books.