• We have created a GUI that enables you to run the RGD algorithm.  It can be found here. (Scientific Reports 6, Article Number 29040, 2016)
  • We have created a new GUI which enables you to run the BW ensemble construction algorithm online!

You can access it here: cmstultz-mollack.mit.edu

  • Below are two ensembles that were created by BW.
    • If you use these data please reference:
    • Fisher CK., Huang A., Stultz CM. Modeling Intrinsically Disordered Proteins with Bayesian Statistics. Journal of the American Chemical Society 132, 14919-14927, 2010
    • K18 tau isoform reduced size structural ensemble:
    • PDB_Point5Percent
    • Alpha-synuclein reduced size monomeric_ensemble:
    • PDB Point 5 Percent