Group News


August 2007:
Dan Miller Ph.D. defense

September 2005:
10th anniversary of BEC (celebrated in San Feliu at the BEC meeting)

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Fall 2005
Yong-Il Shin receives the MIT Deutsch Award for his Ph.D. work


Gretchen Campbell
awarded the OSA New Focus/Bookham Student Award
Gretchen Campbell was awarded the OSA New Focus/Bookham Student Award after an oral competition at the CLEO/QELS meeting in Baltimore, MD on 5/24. The OSA - New Focus/Bookham Student Award was established in 1997 to encourage research excellence, presentation prowess, and leadership in the optics community among OSA Student Members. Seven finalists were selected from the first round of applications. The finalists were judged on their reference letters and presentation skills. The title of Gretchen's presentation was Photon Recoil Momentum in Dispersive Media.

Clauido Stan defended his thesis in June 2005. Congratulations.

Shin Inouye defended his thesis on June 7, 2001. Of course, successfully!

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Till Rosenband won the MIT Orloff research award for his undergraduate research and was a finalist for the APS Apker award.. He has now joined Dave Wineland's group in Boulder as a graduate student.