Optical characteristics of structures with length scales smaller than the wavelength of light are dramatically different than those of macroscopic objects. Such subwavelength devices, called photonic crystals, can be tailored to exhibit rich optical properties. In our group, we design, fabricate, and characterize photonic crystals for various applications from enhanced lasing to energy harvesting. The unique properties of optical nano-structured materials have already enabled a wide range of very important applications (e.g. in medicine, energy , telecommunications , defense, etc.) and are expected to do even more so in the future. We are also interested in various non-linear nano-optical phenomena, as well as light-matter interaction in plasmonic systems. Our aim is to tackle problems both theoretically and experimentally, from developing novel theoretical tools to pioneering advanced nanofabrication techniques.


Three-Dimensional Photonic Crystals
Photonic Crystal Enhanced Fluorescence
Spatio-Temporal Theory of THz Lasing
Thermophotovoltaic Energy Harvesting
Graphene Plasmonics

The group is led by Professor John D. Joannopoulos and Professor Marin Soljacic

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