Welcome to RLE’s Human Resources Group


The RLE Human Resources group strives to set the standard for quality service on the MIT campus. Our primary goal is to create a work environment where individuals and groups thrive and contribute to MIT’s excellence in research and education. RLE HR has a strong depth and breadth of experience in personnel administration that allows the group to deliver services in an accountable, effective, and efficient manner.

RLE HR provides services to individuals who receive their appointments directly from RLE, and to individuals who are appointed in academic units that have faculty and students working in RLE.  For example:

  •  MIT faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students in RLE receive personnel services from their academic home department or division. RLE, however, coordinates appointments for graduate research assistants charged to RLE research programs, and plays a consultative or problem-solving role if a member of RLE appointed elsewhere at MIT requires assistance.
  •  RLE provides support services to research scientists and engineers, postdoctoral associates and fellows, support and technical staff, visitors, and affiliates .

RLE personnel services include:

  •  Coordination of new position searches and hiring
  •  Management of access to RLE facility and space resources
  •  Coordination of required documentation for foreign visitors and employees
  •  Employee relations
  •  Performance management
  •  Staff training and development
  •  Administration of MIT personnel policies and services

Please note that all RLE appointments must be reviewed and approved in advance by the Director or by the Assistant Director for Administration and Human Resources. In addition, before starting work in RLE or using any of the Laboratory’s facilities, everyone—whether appointed in RLE or in another MIT unit—must officially sign in with staff at the Reception Desk in RLE Headquarters (36–413) and complete the necessary registration forms.

From on-boarding through the departure process, RLE HR works closely with faculty, administrators, and researchers to make transitions as smooth as possible. We coordinate with a number of offices on campus, including, MIT Human Resources and Payroll as well as the International Scholar’s Office to ensure timeliness and accuracy. RLE HR strives at all times to be a model of best practices in personnel administration.  Our community members should know that anyone may bring any human resource matter, including those confidential in nature, to the attention of the Assistant Director for Administration and Human Resources and they will receive our full attention and support.


Richard A. Petruzzelli
Director, Administration and Finance

Flor Nawara
Manager, Human Resources

Maxine Samuels
Human Resource Coordinator

Catherine Bourgeois
Program Manager: RLE’s LEAP Program,
Center for Excitonics

Alison Perez
Human Resource Coordinator

Hailey Weinstein
Human Resources Representative

Amanda Keyes
Administrative Assistant 2