Information Systems and Networking

A major infrastructure service and responsibility of RLE is the management of the 18.62 subnet that serves RLE, EECS and MTL in MIT buildings 36, 38, 26, 34, and 39. This network provides connectivity among computers and client/server groups in these buildings, and serves as the primary link to all other Internet networks at MIT and beyond. Supplementing hardwire connectivity is a pervasive IEEE 802.11 wireless network accessible from most locations in RLE.

RLE provides and administers network connectivity, manages IP addresses, and provides network support and trouble resolution. In addition to network services, RLE provides consultation and implementation support for hardware configuration and structuring client/server groups for members of RLE. Please note that strict procedures and policies govern usage of the RLE network. If you have questions, please contact the Assistant Director for Information Technology Services.


David W. Foss
Assistant Director for Information Technology Services
William J. Adams
Windows Server and Systems Infrastructure Administrator

Dave Foss and EECS Myron Freeman

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