Visiting Students

Overview for RLE PIs and Administrative Assistants

To invite a student from another university (international or domestic) to come to RLE to perform academic research, the below guidelines and steps must be followed. To begin, please verify the student’s eligibility then submit all required documents listed in item #3 to Amanda Keyes in RLE Headquarters

  1. Eligibility, Costs and Timeline
  2. Inviting Harvard Students, Students attending a U.S. University, and Permanent Residents
  3. Required Documents to send to RLE Headquarters
  4. Requesting Extensions

For detailed information regarding the visa process and visiting student invitation process, visit the MIT Admins page of the ISO website (touchstone login required)

For general questions regarding Visiting Student appointments, please contact Amanda Keyes in RLE Headquarters.

Amanda Keyes
Administrative Assistant ll
phone: (617) 253‑2519
office: 36–413