Required Documents to send to RLE Headquarters

RLE Visiting Student Process

Required Documents

To request a new visiting student to come do research at RLE, all of the documents below must be submitted in one email to Maxine Samuels in RLE Headquarters. Maxine will review each document and respond to the requester if further information is needed.

Please review the eligibility, cost, and timeline information before submitting your request.

  1. Visiting Student Request Form
  2. Visiting Student Invitation Letter (sample letter)
  3. English Proficiency Assessment Form (international students currently abroad)
  4. A copy of the bio page of the student’s passport
  5. Confirm with the student and include in your email a breakdown of their first, middle, and last names. Sample
  6. A copy of the student’s CV (if they are receiving a stipend from MIT faculty)