Visiting Student Requests


If the professor would like to extend a visiting student’s appointment, a request from the faculty or Administrative Assistant must be sent to Maxine Samuels at least 30 days prior to the student’s end date.

To initiate the request

Please email an extension letter to Maxine Samuels which includes the new appointment dates. Sample letter below. Once the extension is approved, Maxine will notify the faculty, administrative assistant and student via email.

Sample Extension Letter

Please keep in mind the maximum amount of time a student can visit MIT is 12 months, except for Harvard/Wellesley students.

Harvard/Wellesley students are allowed to extend their appointments beyond a year. Each appointment can be up to one year in length or shorter. A new extension letter is required each time the student will be extending past their end date.

For questions regarding extensions, please contact Maxine Samuels.