About this Website

The objective of the RLE website is to serve the students, faculty and staff of RLE , and to be an avenue of outreach to the Laboratory’s sponsors, the world-wide scientific and engineering community, and others with an interest in science and technology at the forefront.

Website Credits
The webmaster is the Manager of Media and Design, who designed and coded this website’s graphical themes, navigation, and structure, as well as RLE’s portfolio of group and program websites.

The website’s hardware and software is administered by David W. Foss, Assistant Director for Information Technology Services.

The database-driven dynamic and transactional features of the website were developed by Krista Van Guilder and David W. Foss, working with outside consulting companies.

Most photography is by Greg Hren Photography. Historical photographs have multiple contributors.

Website Maintenance

The personnel information used on this website is derived from RLE’s personnel system, maintained by RLE’s HR team. When appointments end in the personnel system, people are automatically removed from the website directory. This helps us keep the website current. Unfortunately, a common issue is that RLE is not notified when an appointment has been extended, therefore the appointment end date is not updated and the person is removed from the RLE website. If you have noticed that you are not showing up in the people directory on the website, but you are still here at RLE, please speak to the RLE front desk in RLE Headquarters, 36–413 so we can update your information.

For questions about this website’s operation, contact swilcox@mit.edu