T. J. Rodgers RLE Laboratory

The T.J. Rodgers RLE Laboratory celebrates its grand opening and brings on Dr. Steven Nagle, MIT EECS 02’ as Managing Director

The past decade has seen a radical change in the design, assembly, and testing of high performance electronic circuits.  New materials have led to circuit components with new voltage and current requirements.  Circuits operate at unprecedented frequencies in packages that challenge hand-assembly.  Assembled circuits require test equipment with “bleeding edge” specifications to reliably test, characterize, and debug the systems necessary to perform current and future research in all of RLE’s eight thematic areas.  In 2022, RLE was fortunate to open and dedicate a new space, the T.J. Rodgers RLE Laboratory, located in MIT’s building 36.  The laboratory is a masterpiece of architectural design for form, function, and beauty, with a hood facility, custom infrastructure to provide pressurized gases, vacuum, high-power electrical connections and several voltage levels, and high-speed data connections.  The facility will enable graduate students to design, assemble, and test state-of-the-art circuits and systems in support of cutting-edge research projects.

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