Kim Batselier, Wenjian Yu, Luca Daniel, and Ngai Wong



We propose a new algorithm for the computation of a singular value decomposition (SVD) low-rank approximation of a matrix in the Matrix Product Operator (MPO) format, also called the Tensor Train Matrix format. Our tensor network randomized SVD (TNrSVD) algorithm is an MPO implementation of the randomized SVD algorithm that is able to compute dominant singular values and their corresponding singular vectors. In contrast to the state-of-the-art tensorbased alternating least squares SVD (ALS-SVD) and modified alternating least squares SVD (MALSSVD) matrix approximation methods, TNrSVD can be up to 17 times faster while achieving the same accuracy. In addition, our TNrSVD algorithm also produces accurate approximations in particular cases where both ALS-SVD and MALS-SVD fail to converge. We also propose a new algorithm for the fast conversion of a sparse matrix into its corresponding MPO form, which is up to 509 times faster than the standard Tensor Train SVD (TT-SVD) method while achieving machine precision accuracy. The efficiency and accuracy of both algorithms are demonstrated in numerical experiments.