The most prestigious conference on atomic quantum gases is the bi-annual meeting on “Bose-Einstein Condensation — Frontiers in Quantum Gases,” which is taking place in San Feliu de Guixols, Costa Brava, Spain, September 10–16, 2011.

Among the 47 invited speakers are 11 researchers who are or have been associated with research in the MIT–Harvard Center for Ultracold Atoms: Principle Investigator’s Eugene Demler, Markus Greiner, Wolfgang Ketterle, and Martin Zwierlein; former CUA graduate student’s Dan Stamper-Kurn, Zoran Hadzibabic, Shin Inouye, Gretchen Campbell; a former diploma student Michael Köhl; and former postdoctoral student’s Lode Pollet and Anatoli Polkovnikov.

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